Make it Smarter

Empowering leaner, smarter, more profitable manufacturing.

Suitable for: Apparel, Automotive, Bags, Furniture and Aerospace.

Pre-production Benefits

Reduce projected fabric consumption

Improve the speed and accuracy of yield estimations during design and costing

Improve the speed and accuracy of fabric-ordering

Production Benefits

Reduce actual fabric consumption

Reduce cutting time

Automate and streamline production planning


Months before garments are produced, decisions need to be made around quotations, ordering and even product design. Prophet enables businesses to make smarter decisions at every step, driven by greater material efficiency.

  • Improve profitability
  • Drive end to end efficiency
  • Outperform your competition
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Genesis is an intelligent online marker making solution that creates highly efficient markers, automatically.

  • Reduce fabric consumption
  • Process multiple markers in parallel
  • Automate marker making
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Revolution is our optimization system for clients in the non-apparel market. Revolution can be customised to work with materials as diverse as foam, leather, sheet-metal, glass, and composite materials.

  • Enhance your efficiency
  • Improve your design process
  • Apply to virtually any material in sheet form
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