Our clients

Optimizing efficiency for apparel and non-apparel manufactuers

Our clients include manufacturers of some of the world’s biggest clothing brands including Adidas, Nike, speedo, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, GAP and Victoria’s Secret.

We also service a wide range of non-apparel clients who make goods as diverse as plush toys, car seat covers and sailing boat hulls. Wherever there’s a need to cut something out, there’s an opportunity for us to help you do it better.

A partnership approach

We prefer quality over quantity, taking on a select number of clients to ensure that we can bring each one the best possible service we can. Our approach is a partnership model. Through ongoing discussion and site visits we fit our system to work perfectly with each client – and we continue to refine it as their business grows and changes.

Comitted to ongoing improvement

We opt not to tie our clients into fixed-term contracts. Every month they make the decision to continue with us, based on the excellence we provide through our product and our service. We work extremely hard to bring each client everything they need, and if there’s any way we can change our system to do that better, we do.