Why shapeshifter?

The Future of Manufacturing is Here

Shapeshifter goes where other CAD, MRP, and ERP software doesn’t. A sophisticated end-to-end solution, we bring significant tangible benefits to your business:

  • Fast.
    Receive yields within minutes
  • Accurate.
    Uses CAD information to calculate the yields and simulates production cut-plans and markers
  • Convenient.
    Operator does not need access to CAD
  • Flexible.
    Calculate for a variety of considerations (eg., a range of fabric widths
  • Customizable.
    Create custom costing reports (by customer)
  • Lean.
    Order the minimal fabric required, 1 - 3% fabric saved
  • Powerful.
    Uses ShapeShifter’s infinity-engine to create the most efficient markers
  • Fast.
    Receive fabric requirements within 1 - 2 hours (for 1000s of POs)
  • Scalable.
    Calculate fabric requirements for 1000s of POs and 100s of styles
  • Accurate.
    Uses CAD information to calculate the yields and simulates production cut-plans and markers
  • Complete.
    Calculate for every fabric within a style
  • Streamlined.
    Simply provide a list of POs
  • Convenient.
    Operator does not need access to CAD
  • Updateable.
    Update cut-plans and markers with final production variables to create production-ready plans
  • Customizable.
    Create custom fabric ordering reports
  • Lean.
    Produce with minimal fabric, 1 - 3% fabric saved
  • Powerful.
    Uses ShapeShifter’s infinity- engine to create the most efficient markers
  • Eliminate Cutting Bottlenecks.
    Reduce cutting time by up to 20%
  • Unlimited number of operators
  • Unlimited number of concurrent uploads
  • Operate via web-browser or as a plugin to ERP
  • No installation required
  • Continual upgrades
  • Ultra-secure

Design with greater intelligence

Prophet allows you to A/B test variations of a design to determine the design with the lowest fabric yield. Refine the design as many times as necessary to create the result you’re after.

Quote jobs with greater accuracy

Sales and merchandising need to know exactly how much each item will cost to produce. The predictive power of Prophet enables you to know the exact fabric component cost per item. Having an accurate understanding of the costing of each garment makes you more competitive when pitching while maintaining your profitability.

Purchase the lowest amount of fabric possible

Instead of relying on guestimation techniques, single-size markers, or historical records, Prophet accurately predicts exactly how much fabric you will use based on the actual POs and latest pattern information. Instead of ordering 1 million yards of fabric to fulfill your orders, you can order the 995,000 yards you actually need. This accuracy translates into real monetary savings and is particularly important in an industry dominated by fast-fashion and one-off fabric runs.

Cut Plans and markers

Automatically create cut plans and the corresponding markers. ShapeShifter chooses the size-ratios for each marker so that the efficiency is maximised. ShapeShifter chooses the marker length and lay height (plies) so that the cutting time is minimised. The result is the perfect cut plan.

Increase the output of your machines

Whether you have automatic cutting, or are hand cutting, our software will maximise your production flow. By ensuring lay heights (plies) are maximised, ShapeShifter ensures you are producing the maximum number of units per cut.

Do what you’re good at – even better

Every customer we have excels in a particular niche. That might be soccer shorts, it might be underwear, it might be car seat covers. We customise our system to suit your specific product type. You can continue to do what you’re uniquely good at – and do it even better.